I’m glad you’re here!  Let’s sit and chat a while.  And bring your coffee if you like!

This blog is born out of my life experiences, out of my journals, and from truths that come alive from pages of the Bible.  And from experiencing Jesus’ constant love and presence.  It comes out of my ongoing journey to know my heart, to know Jesus, and walk as He walked.   I want to share the encouragement I have received from Christ.

The title for this blog comes from my life verse:

“And walk in love,

as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us…”

~ Ephesians 5:2 (ESV)

Jesus loved us first.  The gospels give us a chance to get to know him and see how he walked during his life on earth.  Out of love he gave of himself, ultimately by dying on the cross so we might be completely forgiven and experience a life-giving relationship with God.

In response to his love, our first step is for our hearts to recognize him as God’s Son, the one who saves us from our sin.  When we receive him (welcome him into our lives), he is with us always as he promised at the end of the Gospel of Matthew, in the Bible.  He dwells in our hearts through his Spirit so that we might live and love as he did – enabling us to become the person we cannot be on our own strength.  So we not only have eternal life with him, but also live this life on earth to the full.

We also seek to walk in his footsteps, as a learning Christ-follower – learning to be the people he created us to be and to live as he created us to live.

You’ll notice in the earlier blog posts that I develop a foundation for “receiving love from God,” since the love we receive predecesses the generous Jesus-love we share with people around us.  There is plenty of posts on living-out-love to follow!

And so, let’s continue growing together, in knowing Jesus and receiving his love, and out of that living a life of love!