May I have this dance?

Years ago, before I knew Richard, a gal from church and I took swing dance lessons at the YMCA.  It was great fun!  We learned the basic triple step, when to spin, and the foundations for swing dancing.  On the last night they brought in advanced dancers to dance with us.

I knew the basic steps.  And I could follow.  That was about it!

And that was enough for it to be amazing following in the dance as the guy I was partnered with led me in swing dancing.  I could follow his lead, and trust that he knew the steps, and even experienced the thrill of being flipped in the air!

In recent years, I have heard God whisper into my heart, “May I have this dance?”

I know the basic steps, and I can follow… but I’m tempted to want to lead!  To hold on to my dance.  Will I trust that He knows the dance better than me?  Will I humbly trust Him, that He is good and has good plans for me?  Will I follow His dance, that may take me to crazy places with flips I didn’t expect?

Joining the dance God has had for me has taken me outside the safe plans I had for myself, outside of desires I held dear.  Part of my plans for myself included staying in Iowa, and following my heart’s desire to become more connected over time in community there (which is a good thing, in itself!).  But God’s plans included desiring Him more than my desire for connection with people in a particular place, to move to Utah, and to grow and go on adventure with Him in new ways.

And how does this all connect with love?

“Living a life of love” will surely bring us on a journey of letting God lead the dance of our lives.  Love stretches us beyond ourselves, requiring us to trust the One who leads the dance.  And in love we follow Jesus, trusting him to provide the internal and external resources we need to love the people in our lives.  This requires creativity, confidence, and courage that takes us beyond ourselves.


Do you, too, hear God asking you, “May I have this dance?”

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