Ideas for connecting with Jesus throughout your day

Last week, in Pause the Static and the Noise, I shared a funny parenting story, with the encouragement that we need to be still and quiet with God so we can hear His voice.  This week, I want to follow up and brainstorm together how we can practically open ourselves to hear His voice throughout our days.

Life is full of changes in seasons.  Creating space and time to connect with Jesus can be more challenging in some seasons than others.  And when we experience change, it often upsets the rhythms and habits that we have grown accustomed to!IMG_20170823_062252344For me, motherhood has brought many changing seasons, as each year has a different feel to it.  For the first time our girls aren’t at the same school, so I’m juggling two schedules.  Ellie heads off to intermediate school on a bus fairly early in the morning, while Aubrey doesn’t scoot off to the next-door elementary school until an hour and a half later.  Ellie needs to get up earlier now, so my quiet time rhythm has been obliterated.

But, I find that if I can even pop out on my back patio for just five minutes, with a rich epistle like Colossians, my soul can feel a sense of quiet and being fed (the photo above gives a peek into my early mornings).  It doesn’t fit my ideal, and I’m working at finding my new rhythm, but for now it is better to get something rather than nothing as I try to find my new rhythm!

This isn’t the first time change has broken my rhythm.  There was getting married, a new job, having my first baby, moving to a new home, and then the beginning of school routines …

Here’s some ideas that have helped me connect with Jesus through changes of seasons in life:

  • Play scripture set to music, such as Seeds Family Worship.  They produce quality music, and listening to their CD’s in the car can create space for worship and scripture meditation.
  • Read your Bible WITH the kids around!  Don’t wait for the quiet even though it’s ideal.  Our children are mentored when they see us live out our faith.
  • Place some cards with Bible verses around your home in places you’ll see them (by the kitchen sink, on your bathroom mirror…) so you can memorize and meditate on them throughout the day.  I’ll share printable for you in next week’s post!
  • Read content rich portions of Scripture, and reread them if your heart is drawn to them with your next quiet time – like Philippians, Ephesians, Colossians.
  • Go easy on expectations about length and time.  Even reading a few verses can feed your soul!
  • Create a habit to help quiet times happen!  Choose a place you like to sit and keep your Bible and any other books, journals, and a pen there.
  • Stop putting such an emphasis on the idea of “morning” quiet times and do what works in this season of life!

Short, frequent conversations can be the practice that keeps us connected to Jesus.  Creating time and space to spend alone with Jesus can be like trying to find a good time to call someone.  Do you ever find that you mean to call, but can’t find the right time?  Or enough time for a good, long chat?  But when we wait for the perfect opportunity to make that call, it might never happen.  If we can chat even a few minutes and connect with that person and hear their voice, and do so regularly, we can stay connected in relationship.  This can be true of our relationship with Jesus too!


What has helped you create space and time to connect with Jesus?  Please share ideas that have worked for you!

2 thoughts on “Ideas for connecting with Jesus throughout your day

  1. Sarah Wacker

    I love your blog! I read every article you write and it feeds my soul to hear your wisdom and your voice. I loved your story about Ellie Marie playing and not hearing your voice. I read that to the kids and they loved it. Your application was perfect, so easy for even our kids to understand. I loved your ideas about connecting with Jesus even in our busy times. Memorizing scripture is my favorite way of connecting right now. Then I can quote it to myself at various times in my day and pray the verses, too. This is a practice I wish I had developed earlier in my adult life because it has been so good for me spiritually!


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