Bible verse cards, a printable for you!

For years, I’ve jotted down Bible verses and put them in places where I would see them.  As a teen I had them on my bedroom mirror.  And then I put index cards on my car dash to read and memorize as I drove forty-five minutes to community college (OK, maybe this wasn’t advisable!).  This verse happens to be tucked by our garage door right now.IMG_20170913_142722346There has often been a verse or phrase that jumps out to me as I read the Bible.  While I can remember a phrase, seeing a verse written down helps me to think about it and connect it with my real life.  For a long time, the verse card for Lamentations 3:22-24 in the printable below was in my kitchen towel drawer, and I would pray it each morning as I pulled out a fresh towel.  As I meditate on a verse I often end up memorizing it.  Then it’s with me anywhere, anytime!  And the Word becomes real to me as I experience it throughout my daily life.

As I think on a verse and make it my own, I come to know God authentically in my life.  The ultimate goal of reading Scripture is for growing in relationship with God and becoming more like Jesus.  In my vertical relationship with God, I come to know who He is, what He is like, and what He does.  On the horizontal aspect, I am aware of real life.  Many Bible verses connect these two, which is a great place for my heart to meet God.   For example, in Philippians 4:5-7 who God is and my real life stresses can meet each other.  In relation to anxious feelings and situations in my life, I know God as being near to me and as my source of peace.


Meditating on and memorizing scripture is one way to connect spiritual life with every aspect of practical life.  As God created the world, there is no divide between the spiritual and secular, or the sacred and mundane.  All of life is an opportunity to know God, be with Him, and honor Him with whatever I’m doing.  For example, when doing dishes, I can do it to love people and to “work heartily, as to the Lord” (Colossians 3:23).  When I see life with this perspective and live this way, it creates opportunity to know Jesus’ presence and become like him in daily life.

These Bible Verse Cards are designed to be printed double-sided.  You could be creative in the paper you use!  On the back of them, most have ideas of places you can tuck them around your home. 

Here’s a printable for you:  Bible Verse Cards

What aspects of God’s character do you notice in these verses?  How can they connect with your real life?


For more ideas on how to stay connected with Jesus and hear his voice throughout your day, take a peek at my previous post, Ideas for Connecting with Jesus Throughout Your Days.

4 thoughts on “Bible verse cards, a printable for you!

  1. Joanne Crabb

    Ok, you must have been reading my mind ;). I was just thinking a couple of days ago that I need to start memorizing Scripture again. I too use to have memory verse cards everywhere and as I meditated on them before I knew it, I had memorized them and they became a very real part of my heart and life. Now is a time in my life that I need God’s Word hidden in my heart more than ever so thanks for the motivation! Maybe I can get your mom to join me.


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