The Wise Woman Builds Her Home {Home, Part 1}

{NOTE:  This is the introduction to a series on “Home.”  Check out these links to see other posts in this series, as we care for the whole person in our homes: physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and personal growth.}

A couple years ago, we literally watched our home be built.  We’d just moved to southern Utah in the beginning of June, and we made many visits on hot summer days while we lived in a rental on the other side of town.  It was a constantly changing development.  Concrete foundation was laid, framing formed the skeleton of the house, a maze of electrical and plumbing was added, then a protective roof, and finally sheetrock created defined rooms.  By fits and spurts our house took shape.

20150628_103542 (1)

Building a home is a beautiful work that takes place over time.  This is true of the actual work of building a house, but even more true of making a house truly a home.  Our homes, including aspects such as relationships and spiritual care, are shaped by attentiveness, creativity, and work over time.  These verses from Proverbs inspired me:

“The wisest of women builds her house …”  ~Proverbs 14:1 (ESV)

“By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established;
by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.”  ~ Proverbs 24:3-4

“Home” varies throughout seasons of life.  It might first bring to mind the image of a mom keeping house, with a husband and children.  But this isn’t necessary!  Through all the different seasons of life, this picture will only capture one possibility for “home.”

I always wanted to be a homemaker and remember thinking about the above verses when I was about 17.  In a sense, I created “home” in my dorm room at Spring Vale Academy (a Christian boarding school) my senior year of high school. I decorated the walls, had a little system for washing dishes in my sink, and welcomed other girls into my room to chat.

As a newlywed, I created home in our one-bedroom apartment on a shoestring budget. Our family of four lived in my mom’s basement for a number of months.  And we set up home in two different furnished rentals over the summer while our house was built here in Utah, and nearly all our belongings were inaccessible in storage.

In another possibility of “home,” a single woman lives in an apartment and creates a cozy and comfortable space to care for herself.  She doesn’t hesitate to use beautiful items that she enjoys, rather than save them for a hoped-for time when she has a husband.  With creativity and love, she connects with loved ones on the phone and invites people over.

In another season of life, my widowed mother has a lovely home in a condo community with her roommate, a friend of hers who is also widowed.  They’ve created beauty in a space that meets their needs, enjoy dear friendship in each other, reach out to others, and  share devotional times together in the morning.

Creating “home” applies to all of us, in all seasons of life!  No season of life is perfect.  Understandably, some seasons are more challenging.  Sometimes it requires more patience, thought, intentionality and creativity.  But whether we’re single or married, young or old, there are creative ways we can think about this and live it out.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to explore how we can build our homes.  We’ll think about how “home” is a place where the whole person is cared for, including physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and personal growth needs.  I’m excited to explore each of these aspects with you!  As always, please share your ideas as we learn from each other.


In your words, what is “home?”

How can we build “home” so it is a starting place for lived-out-love?  

2 thoughts on “The Wise Woman Builds Her Home {Home, Part 1}

  1. Julie Ulven

    I love this! When I was single for 22 years, I made my home my own. Now that I have a husband and daughter, I make my home a place of refuge from the world. A place where everyone feels loved and safe.


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