Navigating life’s maze

In Elgin, Iowa, local farmers create an amazing corn maze each fall.  The photo below shows the dairy theme they designed the year we visited there.  Some ways were dead-ends or led us in a circle.  And some areas had more than one way through.  The corn was tall, and once we were in the maze we couldn’t see the beginning or the end.  After experiencing our share of dead-ends and circling back, it was rewarding to make our way out! IMG_20140927_161346029

Life is like this maze.  There are many options, and once we’re in it we often can’t see the end clearly.  We have more than one path we can choose.  There may be more than one path that will successfully bring us through the maze.  But, some of them are dead-ends or will circle us right back to where we were without any progress.


When we’re in the midst of making a decision about which way to go, what can we do?

  • Ask, “Is it moral?  Is it wise?”  These questions help us discern between paths with potential and those that lead nowhere good.
  • What are your values?  Identifying your values helps you choose a path that aligns with those values.
  • What is your goal?  When we have a clear goal, we can take clear steps to reach it.  
  • Invite a mentor, coach, or trusted friend into your decision-making process.  This can provide valuable perspective, space for thinking things through, accountability, and encouragement.

Let your eyes look directly forward,
    and your gaze be straight before you.
Ponder the path of your feet;
    then all your ways will be sure.  ~ Proverbs 4:25-26 (ESV)

As we make decisions, we keep our eyes on Jesus.  With his help, we ponder our paths and seek to have a right heart.  We pray and spend time with Jesus and scripture, opening our lives to his help and guidance.  This protects us in our journey, so we take steps forward with him and don’t stray off the path.   

We keep our eyes on the path ahead of us.  We seek to be true to our values and goals.  Sometimes, we pause, discerning that we need to wait at the crossroads; it’s not time for a decision yet.  We are patient and trust God to make our steps clear another day.  But we still keep our eyes looking forward, and are ready when the time is right.  When that time comes, we move forward, with confidence to use what God has given us and courage because He is with us!


Are you in the process of making a decision?  Which idea above is most helpful to you?

Would you like help clarifying your values and goals for a decision you are making?  If so, send me a note!  I would be excited to come alongside you in your journey, with helpful exercises and a conversation.  


Kathryn Featherstone is a certified Christian Life Coach by the Board of Christian Life Coaches.  She is trained by Gallup for coaching with CliftonStrengths assessment and resources.  She’d like to encourage you in your journey; simply write her a note on her Contact page!



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