Simple Bible Study with Kids

The pace of life is a bit different this fall, but we can still help our children grow their faith! Even though some of our options for church youth groups and Sunday School aren’t the same as usual, this is something we can do. It’s also perfect for inviting some other kids or a family to do it with yours. I’ll share everything you need to do this in this post!

A neighbor mom with her girls are going to join us for this Mark Bible Study. We’ll keep it simple, meeting once a week for a short discussion over two chapters. And then have time to play and hang out, which will be a nice change of pace from the online distance learning we’re doing!

Mark is a great book to read with kids because it’s the shortest gospel and full of action. This is a nice first step for any kids who haven’t read the Bible before. To begin the study, we’re reading about the birth of Jesus in Luke, then continuing with his baptism in Mark. Including his birth is a nice introduction which allows us to see Jesus’ whole life.

Children as young as second grade could enjoy this study. We gave our girls their fist Bibles at about this age and they could read it and understand it. It’s great for our children to have their own Bibles and read them so they can develop personal habits of reading the Bible and can experience God speaking directly to them as they read His word.

As we read through Mark, the focus is that we’re getting to know Jesus; Jesus is the same now as he was then. He loves us and is with us! The memory verse for this whole study is:

“Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8, NLT

I’m giving each person a bookmark with the main memory verse and two questions to think about while reading Mark.

We’ll base our conversation off these two simple questions. They are:

  1. Who is Jesus? The answers given for this depend on the participant’s age. It could be a desciription of who he is, what he does, or what his character is like.
  2. What is one: question, funny thing, surprise, OR thing you learned? Come to the meeting ready to share about one of these!

To kick off this study, I have a plain journal for each person. We’ll decorate the front cover with the memory verse and whatever design we like. Then we have a place to write our answers to the two questions as we read independently each week so we’re ready to share when we get together.

What are you doing to mentor your children’s hearts this fall? This is a great time to help your children grow habits of reading God’s Word!

Who could you invite to join you in this Mark study?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kathryn Featherstone is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and a board-certified Christian Life Coach, who helps people live and love well out of their strengths and their relationship with Christ. She’d like to encourage you in your journey! Write her a note or see her Coaching page.

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