S’Mores Rice Crispy Treats

I have a fun extra to share with you as summer comes to an end (or fall begins, and I imagine a warm campfire on a cool evening).  I must say that Rice Crispy Treats relate to “living a life of love,” since sharing food is a wonderful way to express love, care and celebration!

I named the original version of this recipe Perfect Rice Crispy Treats (I don’t remember where it came from!).  The extra marshmallows and vanilla extract makes them flavorful and not too dry.  These are one of Aubrey’s favorite desserts, and I got to thinking about how to make them into S’Mores Rice Crispy Treats.

IMG_20170917_161842029 (1)

So, I did a little experimenting in the kitchen yesterday, and they turned out like I’d hoped!  It just took a few graham crackers, mini marshmallows, and mini chocolate chips.

Here’s the recipe, as a little end-of-summer and beginning-of fall gift to you, including the original version and S’Mores Variation:  Perfect Rice Crispy Treats

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