This page provides Q & A about the coaching I offer.  It also provides information about fees, coaching options, and the next step to begin a coaching relationship with me.

I come alongside you with life coaching,

from a distinctively biblical worldview,

to help you live and love well!

What is coaching?

As a coach, I encourage you by actively listening, asking questions, and helping you clarify your goals and values.  I help you explore where you are in life, where you want to be, and steps you can take to get there.  Your journey is unique, so my coaching is individualized to your needs.  Your goal might be spiritual growth, gaining a new perspective, finishing something you’ve already started, or establishing new habits.  Maybe you need support and feedback because you want to live and love well through a challenging relationship, circumstance, or transition.    

Some topics my life experience and training prepare me to coach for include:  strengths, reaching goals, spiritual growth, relationships, forgiveness, emotional well-being, marriage, parenting, or living well through a season of waiting, transition, stress, or suffering.

Why a biblical worldview?

At its core, a biblical worldview is Christ-centered.  Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, real life change is possible!  We do not depend on simply human effort for growth and change.  Jesus remakes us from the inside out.  The Bible is historically accurate and given to us by God so we might know Him and learn to live the way He created us to live.  It grounds us with truth and provides perspective on how to live life.  

Who is coaching for?

We all have seasons of life when we could benefit from being coached.  During times of change, challenge, or suffering we could be of great help to have a caring, skilled person joining us in our journey.  Coaching is different from counseling.  Coaching is focused on the future, for developing ourselves and reaching goals.  There are times in life when we may need support from a counselor who can help us  look back to the past and gain healing.  My training and my passion is to help others take steps forward.

How long does coaching last?  It can be as short as one to three meetings for conversations about Strengths or a single topic.  Or, it can be an on-going relationship to support someone in an ongoing season of growth or challenge.

What are your qualifications?

I am a  certified Christian Life Coach (Board of Christian Life Coaching) and commit to uphold the American Association of Christian Counselors’ Code of Ethics.  I am also a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, which equips me to help people discover their areas of strength and use them in all areas of their lives.  Through Light University Online, I have completed an Advanced Diploma in Christian Life Coaching See my Meet Me page to learn more, as well as my LinkedIn page.

Why do you use Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment?

I love how the CliftonStrengths assessment is very individualized!  It can help us understand ourselves, so we can grow in every aspect of life.  This assessment is useful at the beginning of our coaching relationship in order to help my clients discover more fully who they are and to allow me get to know them.  This assessment is positive, helps you discover your God-given strengths, and is growth oriented.  It provides your Top 5 Strengths, out of Gallup’s list of 34 possible strengths.  CliftonStrengths is more individualized than other personality assessments; there is only a 1 in 278,000 chance of another person having the same Top 5 Strengths as you!  My Top 5 Strengths are Responsibility, Empathy, Discipline, Connectedness, and Positivity.  Understanding our Strengths helps us succeed in all aspects of life, including relationships, careers, and living well through difficulties.    

How much do you charge for coaching?

Growth and reaching goals has real value in our lives, which is why paying for coaching is worthwhile.  This is the beginning of my professional coaching career, so my pricing is comparatively low at $30 per hour, and will be reassessed in the future.  By giving financially, it increases your sense of accountability and investment in your coaching experience.

Coaching Options:

All Coaching Options begin with a free half-hour conversation designed to determine if being coached by me is the right next step for you.  Each one-hour coaching session costs $30.  Your Top 5 CliftonStrengths assessment code is covered by these fees.

Strengths Conversations   Discover and live out your Strengths!  These CliftonStrengths coaching options provide life-changing experiences for understanding who you are, growing your relationships, and for success using your talents.

  • Top 5 (1 session, 90 minutes) – This is a great first step in your strengths journey!
  • All 34 (3 sessions, one hour each) – Total fees of $140 include three sessions and the cost for your CliftonStrengths 34 Access code ($89 value).  This is an excellent deal! We discuss your Top 5 Strengths in our first conversation, the sequence of all 34 Strengths in our second conversation, and then explore how you can live fully into your Strengths in our third conversation.
  • Engaged or Married Couples (1 or more sessions, plans vary) – Your Strengths Themes shape how you see, feel about, and respond to life.  Understanding these for yourself and your fiancee/spouse is the first step to loving each other well and working together as a team!
  • Kids Ages 9-14, With Parents (1 session, 90 minutes) – Gallup developed StrengthsExplorer, a simpler version of CliftonStrengths, to help discover kids’ emerging strength themes.  This assessment comes with helpful resources for the parent and child to use together.
  • High School and College Students (1 session, 90 minutes) – CliftonStrengths for Students helps students discover who they are, how they can make successful education and life choices, and simply be encouraged!
  • Parents (3 sessions, one hour each) – Begin with understanding your own Strengths Themes as parents in the first session, then discover your child’s Strengths Themes.  In the third session, explore how your Strengths Themes interact with each other, and create a parenting plan that fits the unique dynamics of your family!  Uses Gallup’s book, Strengths Based Parenting, and age-appropriate assessments.  Total fees vary.

Life-In-Christ Conversations (6 sessions of one hour each) – A series of six conversations for experiencing heart and life change because of what Jesus does in our lives.  Topics include identity, our hearts and motivations, struggles with weakness or sin, and living a joyful, fruit-filled life as a Christ-follower.  These conversations walk us through transforming steps to experience relationship with Jesus and the power of the gospel in daily life!

Individualized Conversations – Your journey is unique, so my coaching is individualized to your needs.  Our conversations might focus on spiritual growth, relationships, forgiveness, emotional well-being, marriage, parenting, or living well through a season of waiting, transition, stress, or suffering.

  • Single Conversation – Great for when you have a specific topic you’d like to talk discuss.   
  • Series of Conversations – Together, we can create an individualized plan to fit your journey!

The Next Step:

Simply write me a note on my Contact page!  I am happy to answer any questions you might have about coaching.  And if you are ready to get started, we can set up a free half-hour conversation to get to know one another.  I look forward to hearing from you!