Wisdom for Your Path from Proverbs

What is the path ahead of you like?  Maybe it seems difficult or like the destination is unknown.  Or maybe it feels familiar and well worn, like you are trudging along the same old lane.  While none of us is in control of the things that lie across the path ahead of us, trusting in God and living wisely will guide our steps and determine our destination.


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The Wise Woman Builds Her Home {Home, Part 1}

{NOTE:  This is the introduction to a series on “Home.”  Check out these links to see other posts in this series, as we care for the whole person in our homes: physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and personal growth.}

A couple years ago, we literally watched our home be built.  We’d just moved to southern Utah in the beginning of June, and we made many visits on hot summer days while we lived in a rental on the other side of town.  It was a constantly changing development.  Concrete foundation was laid, framing formed the skeleton of the house, a maze of electrical and plumbing was added, then a protective roof, and finally sheetrock created defined rooms.  By fits and spurts our house took shape.

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