Meet Kathryn

All of us have stories in our lives through which we can connect with and encourage others!  I’ve experienced God using my story so I can share empathy, encouragement, and support with others.  Some great joys in my life have been living life as a Christ-follower, marrying my best friend, and having my dream career as homemaker with two delightful daughters.  Some of my sorrows and stresses have included the death of my father, a miscarriage, and transitions in church and moving.


Strengths and Ministry:  Coaching is a natural expression of my spiritual gifts, which include hospitality, exhortation, and shepherding.  My Top 5 CliftonStrength themes are Responsibility, Empathy, Input, Connectedness, and Positivity.

In my coaching, I have learned much from a variety of ministry experiences.  I have served as Assistant Children’s Ministry Director, mentored college students and women, facilitated Bible studies, taught adult Sunday school, led a mom’s group,  hosted and co-led small groups in our home, co-led a greeting team, served as a marriage mentor together with my husband, and volunteered as a MOPS Mentor Mom.

Training:  I am a Christian Life Coach, certified by the Board of Christian Life Coaching.  I attended training by Gallup for coaching with CliftonStrengths assessment and resources.  Through Light University Online, I have completed an Advanced Diploma in Christian Life Coaching.

You can learn more about me on my LinkedIn page.

A few things I like:

    • Hiking
    • Exploring (I’m a Google Guide Level 6)
    • Iced mochas
    • Holding hands with my husband Richard
    • Meaningful conversations
    • Saturday morning breakfast with my family
    • Yoga



Certified Christian Life Coach, Board of Christian Life Coaching