Meet Me

Come on in!  I’m Kathryn.  What’s your name?  I wish we could sit and chat so I could get to know you, too.

Over fifteen years ago Richard and I began our life adventure together.  Since Ellie was born I’ve been a homemaker, which continues to allow me to engage in our community by volunteering in the girls schools, be involved in lay ministry, and connect with people in our neighborhood.

I’m an explorer.  It excites me to visit a new place, to see new things, and learn about its history and the people who are part of the story.  I enjoy small explores, such as trying a new coffee shop or playing a new board game as a family.  And I enjoy larger explores, such as our trip to Mesa Verde – with the planning and packing, enjoying the campsite, hiking, and imagining what life was like for the people who lived there.

Mesa Verde family

Exploring Mesa Verde with Ellie, Aubrey, and Richard.

I delight in beauty!  From the amazing scenery of a sunset over Iowa cornfields, to the stark color and form of Utah cliffs, to the rich greens of Northwest forest.  Beauty from nature draws my heart to our creative God.  I also enjoy creating beauty – in decorating our home to be a haven, in tying a touch of raffia on a small gift as I express that I remember someone, in setting a table cheerfully with craft materials to host a neighborhood girls’ activity.

I’m relational.  I love to meet new people, to welcome them, to practice hospitality (from setting napkins and water for a friend at Panera and offering an open heart to her, to planning for weeks in order to host a neighborhood open house so they can connect with each other).  I desire to connect with people in meaningful conversations and sharing life in community.

I’m passionate about knowing Jesus and becoming like him.  And about sharing this journey with others, as well.  I care deeply about our hearts, as faith at its core is about turning our hearts to Jesus, and growth is about having a teachable and discerning heart to become like him.

Out of my heart for people and following Jesus it’s felt natural to be involved in lay-ministry.  Richard and I were trained in marriage mentoring, taught Sunday school together, led the greeting team, and discovered that leading adult small groups in our home was a great fit for using our spiritual gifts together.  I am passionate about mentoring, which has been a joy with both college gals and other women God has brought into my life.  I also have a heart for motherhood; I partnered in creating and leading a moms group in Iowa, and have been a MOPS Mentor Mom.

In college, I completed a B.A. with an emphasis in Communication.  Out of my interest in biblical counseling, I am pursuing further education in Christian Life Coaching and am currently working toward certification.  I want to always have a learning posture, so that as I continue to learn I can invest in others.