10 Ways to #LiveWellWhileIn

In the midst of all the uncertainty and lack of normal rhythms of recent days, there are many daily choices we can make! Each of these small choices add up to create the lives we live. Will you join me in trying to live intentionally, love people, and lean into emotional and spiritual well-being through this difficult time?

Before you read on, pause a moment. What would you put on your Top 10 list for living well these days?

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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, I’ve been creating #livewellwhilein posts on Instagram and Facebook. These posts reflect faith, attitude, and lifestyle that can help both you and I make it through this uncertain time.

Here’s my Top 10 Ways to #livewellwhilein:

  1. Live intentionally each week. What do you want to accomplish this week? On which days? We can list out projects to do, outdoor activities, things we want to learn…then make a plan to do so! (I just received a text from a friend who says she’s painting a mural in her son’s room. What could you do?)
  2. Create a flexible weekday routine. Healthy habits help us live well and feel good. Having a week of easy-going spring break is nice, but it wouldn’t be great for our family to live that way all the way till April 28 when school resumes! (Supposing it does. ;). What time will we get up? Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner? When will we typically work? Do school at home? Exercise or get outdoors? Get ready for bed?
  3. Move and get outside! All the research shows that physical activity and time outdoors is beneficial for our emotional health. Depending on where you live and what your state is requiring, what options do you have for getting outside?
  4. Be faithful with the small things. Simply doing the small daily chores and tasks add up to creating “home” and providing care for ourselves and those we live with. Doing the dishes or cleaning toilets is a distraction from anxious thoughts and boosts our emotional health when we enjoy the result of our work.
  5. Stay connected! This is the perfect time to be intentional to call, email, and text friends and family members – maybe even surprise someone with a phone call that you normally wouldn’t, just to say you care! You might pause a moment to make a list of people.
  6. Give each other space. This idea comes from one of my daughters. It’s kind of ironic because we are supposed to practice social distancing outside our homes. But what about at home? Being together all of the time can get on our nerves! So, consider making space in the day to spread out. Each go to a different room. Create a little quiet and personal space!
  7. Remember God is big. I’ve been turning to Isaiah and Psalms and feel comforted by reminders of who God is and His care for us. Reading from one of these books, journaling to release anxiety or stress, and praying helps me keep perspective and hold onto hope.
  8. Journal. Someday, coronavirus and stay-at-home orders will be a memory. It will be an interesting historic time to have lived through! Journaling is a helpful practice for emotional and mental well-being. It provides release for our emotions and stress. Seeing our thoughts on paper can provide perspective. It is an invitation for written words to turn into prayer.
  9. Choose our thoughts. Our minds easily wander to fears, rumors, and stresses. We can choose our thoughts by avoiding some things: turn off the news, carefully choose what websites or Facebook comments to read, and limit how much time we spend on news. Instead, choose positive thoughts! It helps to distract or redirect our thoughts. One of my favorites is thinking on a piece of memorized scripture. Think about a productive project or plan, pray for someone, or simply do something productive.
  10. Continue to worship or fellowship on Sunday morning. This is a piece of weekly routine that helps us orient our lives toward God. We can do Home Church with our family or those we live with, or we could make it a priority to watch on online live church service (even for a church we don’t attend). Make a plan to connect with one or more believers by phone or face time. On Sundays, Richard and I are having Home Church with our girls, and meeting over Zoom with our small group to share about life and pray together.

Above all, we need to give ourselves and others grace. Our feelings will come and go and may surprise us at times. Our energy and motivation will vary, too. This is normal. Let’s commit to love each other even though we’re not at our best!

Okay, now I’m curious! What ideas on your Top 10 list for living well aren’t included above? I’d love to hear from you below. We can all use encouragement from each other, and this is a great space to do that.

I’ll continue to share posts that relate to this list or share practical ways to live it out. To join me in this journey and receive encouragement, follow me on Instragram, live.and.love.well, or Facebook, Live a Life of Love.

Which of the above ideas do you feel the most need for?

What is helping you #livewellwhilein these days?


Kathryn Featherstone is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and a board-certified Christian Life Coach, who helps people live and love well out of their strengths and their relationship with Christ. She’d like to encourage you in your journey! Write her a note or see her Coaching page.

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